Testing Only –

– Certified SIP Professional (CSP) testing is only $195.00.

– Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional Test (SCSTP) OR Senior SIP Security Technical Professional (SCSTP) are each designed to test advanced technical skills in SIP is $295.00 each or $495 for both (if paid at the same time).

All tests are multiple choice with 50+ questions.  The Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional Test (SCSTP) and Senior Certified SIP Security Technical Professional (SCSSTP) are both designed to test advanced technical and security skills in SIP. Some of the topics on the examination may include: CODEC, DSP, Clipping, dipping, Queuing Delay, Network Propagation, Serialization, Buffer Delay, Fragmentation, Interleaving, Voice Payload, HSRP, Adaptive Jitter Buffer, Oversubscription, Voice Activity Detector, White Noise, Comfort Noise, Noise Detectors, MOS, E-model, Nyquist-Shannon, Framing, PCM, ADPCM, DSP, CODEC sampling, Transcoding, Tandem encoding, Echo, Echo Loss, Short Tail, Hybrid, SNR, CNR, RFI, Crosstalk, Shared Neutrals, RTCP-XR, SRTP, MD5, CMP, POE, 802.1P, ALG, MSRP, IMS, WebRTC-Apps, SALT, SAML, Voice XML, RPC, BICC, ISUP, IP Multimedia Subsystems and other topics.  Other questions may include topics such as: Malformed message attacks, SPIT-SPam over Internet Telephony, Robocalling SPIT, Memory “leak” buffer overflow attacks, VOMIT-Voice Over Misconfigured Telephony, DOS-Denial-of Service attacks (overload, part SYN, FIN), TDoS – Telephony Denial of Service attack, Eavesdropping, Masquerading (Trojan Horses), Media injection, SIP redirect, Endpoint viruses, malware, spyware, Calljacking – hijacking, RTP/RTCP session teardown attacks, RTP/RTCP malformed messages, RTP/RTCP buffer overflow attacks, RTP play-out or media spamming, SDP changing CODECs attacks, malicious RTP packets, and others.

Additional private live training sessions are $195 per hour up to four (4) hours if ordered at the same time. Five or more hours are $150 per hour or separately.

Sample course slidesclick here (Flash player required) for a sample of the more than 350+ slides presented either onsite or available online.

To ORDER Call 303-594-1694 or email cross@gocross.com.

A few user comments:

“SIP is where VoIP is going, I want to be part of it.” P.D.

“Showed my boss I wasn’t an idiot.” J.A.

“We are going through layoffs, think the course helped me keep my job.” R.M.

“We are moving to SIP and no one else in IT has a clue about SIP, so this really help.” E.J.

“Tech moves really fast, SIP gives me a base to know what is next.” R.S.

For assistance, questions, scheduling and pricing, call 303-594-1694 or cross@gocross.com

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