Certified SIP Professional Course

NEW WebRTC-SIP Integration – see below

Certified SIP Professional (CSP) Program

1-3 Days Onsite or Webseminar

NEW and Updated for 2016 – WebRTC and Designing

and Planning Scalable SIP Networks

Made in USA.

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Sample course slidesclick here (Flash player required) for a sample of the more than 350+ slides presented either onsite or available online.

Quick Overview

Day 1 is optional for students who are less familiar with IP and SIP networking.

In other words, look at the outline for the SIP course and if the students are not knowledgeable of the key concepts, then Day 1 is recommended.

Day 2 & 3 is the indepth SIP course.

NOTE: All content can be re-organized or customized to suit specific learning needs. Call to discuss.

Day One – Fundamentals of Data/Internet Telecommunications – taught INHOUSE ONLY

NOTE: Day one is recommended for those wanting an update in internet technologies, data networking and network services (bandwidth).

Fundamental Network and IP Technologies – the IP in SIP

  • 1 – Voice-to-Digital-to-Packet Transmission
  • 2 – Back To Basics – Cabling, Conduit and Electrical Systems
  • 3 – Transmission Concepts – DSL, T-1/E-1, ISDN-PRI, SIP Trunking, GIG-E
  • 4 – Optical Fiber & Bandwidth
  • 5 – Integrated Access Services – Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation – BOD-Bandwidth On Demand
  • 6 – Introduction to IP-Internet Protocol and VoIP-SIP , MPLS-Multi-Protocol Label Switching, DiffServ-Differentiated Services, DSCP Differentiated Services Code Points and Packet Priority Classifications, TOS-Type of Service, EF-Express Forwarding, MPLS Uniform mode, MPLS Pipe and Short-Pipe modes, WRR-Weighted Round Robin, TCB-Traffic Conditioning Blocks – Marker, Meter, Shaping, Droppers and PHB-Per Hob Behavior.
  • 7 – TCP/IP and other Protocols and Layers – RTP, RTCP, SDP, SOAP, SALT

– Call processing with Route, Image, DHCP, DNS, Image, Configuration servers

  • 8 – Hardware – Routers, Switches – MAC-Media Access Control, WiFi-VLANS-VPNS
  • 9 – Protocols “Rules of the Road” – H.228, H.323, MGCP, SIP, and Desktop “Softphones,” “Toolbars” and other end points (desksets)
  • 10 – IP-PBX and Hosted VoIP/SIP – Integrated/Unified/Homogenized

Top-10 Critical Technologies to SIP

1 – IP protocol, IP networking and a VPN

2 – The difference between IAS-Integrated Access Service versus Converged Access Service

– Enhanced IAS with MPPP-Multi-link Point-to-Point Protocol, PPP Multilink Protocol (MP), L2TP-Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol

– VPLS-Virtual Private LAN Service – new name for metro-Ethernet

– Switching Versus Routing – key benefits of VPLS

3 – SIP-Session Initiation Protocol Trunking –

– SIGTRAN (Signaling Transport)

– SCTP-Stream Control Transmission Protocol

4 – Justification for an IP PBX – options and approaches

5 – Technical difference between IAS-Integrated Access Service, Hosted and Managed VoIP

– Call processing with Route, Image, DHCP, DNS, Configuration servers

– Media Gateways replace PBXs – the following tutorials are some examples of customer applications of MG-Media Gateways:

– Connection of IP-PBX to PSTN – Connection of IP-PBX to PSTN & SIP trunk provider – Survivable connection to SIP trunk provider – Connection of PBX & IP-PBX to PSTN & SIP trunk provider – Connection of IP-PBX to Hosted VoIP provider – Connection of IP-PBX & PSTN to Microsoft Lync Server

– SC-Session Controllers or SBC-Session Border Controllers are access devices operate at Layer 5 Session Layer, whereas routers operate at Layer 3 Network. Some of the key SBC/SC functions are:

– Secure network peering – private and public to enhance performance

– Topology hiding – using various types of inter-AS-Autonomous System features as well as separating media (voice) and hide signaling (IP addresses) and data streams (traffic)

– Border call routing – routing at AS level rather than with interior protocols

– Interoperability – access/restrict to reduce voice spam

– QoS & Call Admission Control – load/jitter correction

– Billing systems interoperability – reduce billing errors

– NAT-Network Address Translation – routing for maximum performance

– CALEA-Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act

– Compatibility with billing

– Dialect conversion

– Protocol conversion

– Codec conversion

– Firewall restrictions

– Wholesale and Transit peering

6 – “Open Source” PBX options

7 – QoS-Quality of Service importance – how to measure it and fix it

8 – Softphones – Where they make sense – user benefits

9 – The difference between IPT-Internet Protocol Telephony and VoIP – Cisco, Broadsoft, Lync and other platforms

10 – Unified Communications – Mobility Applications

Day Two – Introduction to SIP-Session Initiation Protocol

SIP Planning – SIP Introduction and Overview

– SIP Definition – IETF (RFC-3261) and Manufacturers

– CPL-Call Processing Language

– AOR-Address Of Record – q-values

– Location Service – DNS-Domain Name Service

– CPL-Call Processing Language

– B2BUA-Back-2-Back User Agent

– Session Initiation Protocol for Telephones (SIP-T): RFC 3372

– SIP-SS7-Signaling System 7 call processing including – IAM-Initial Address Message, Routing label, CIC-Circuit Identification Code and Message Type Code. Examples of Message Type Codes include: Called Number, Calling Number, DPC-Destination Point Code, OPC-Origination Point Code, SS7-ISUP ACM-Address Complete Message, ANM-ANswer Message, CPG-Call ProGress Message, COT-COTinuity Message, SUS-SUSpend Message, RES-RESume Message, FOT-FOrward message Transfer, INR-INformation Request message, INF-INFormation Message, RELease and other messages.

– SIP – Applications Layer 7 Protocol – Peer-to-Peer protocol

– SIP – Before and After

– SIP and Hosted – Better or Worse or Both

– SIP Signaling – Introduction, URI-Uniform Resource

– SIP & SBC-Session Border Controllers, servers, gateways,

– SIP with and without IADs-Integrated Access Devices

– SIP and SIP Phones, Softphones, Mobility,

– SIP Signaling Basics – Inbound/Outbound calling

– UC-SIP Bandwidth Planning – Critical Concepts for PC Video, data and voice

– SIP Trunking – Four types and counting of SIP Trunking offerings

– SIP Trunking – Incremental “Slope” Growth

– CODECS-COmpression-DECompression signal processors – issues and answers

– SIP Trunk Replacement & Disaster Planning

– SIP & Open Standards

– SIP and Trunk Replacement – same or different thing

– SIP and Proxy ARP-Address Resolution Protocol

– SIP and HSRP-Hot Standby Routing Protocol

– SIP and MPLS-Multi-Protocol Label Switching – COS and QoS

– SIP QoS – oxymoron or critical concept

– SIP on-net and off-net issues – overflow call processing

– SIP TCO-Total Cost of Ownership – Top-10 Benefits

– SIP Technology – Indepth

– SIP – OSI-Open Systems Interconnection – “If you do not know where you are going, what difference does it make which path you take”…..Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

– SIP “Methods” – Writing call processing as easy as email – invite, ACK, bye, etc.

– SIP Signaling “commands” – 1xx-6xx

– SIP Inbound and Outbound call processing

– SDP-Session Description Protocol – headers, Via, Max-Forwards, To:, URL-Uniform Resource Locator, URI-Uniform Resource Identifier, call-ID, Cseq, Contact, Content-Type, Content-Length, Security and others

– Session Description Protocol Security Descriptions (SDES)

– SIP Features – Forks, SIP Proxy, Redirect, Presence, Forking – parallel-sequential-mixed, loops, spirals

– SIP Network devices – UA-User Agent, UAC-User Agent Client, UAS-User Agent Server

-Proxy Server, Redirect Server, Registrar Server, B2BUA-Back-to-Back User Agent

– SRTP-Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (RFC-3711)

– Authentication Tag and the Master Key Identifier

– Encryption

Day Three – Advanced SIP Planning and Security

SIP Security – “Best Practices” – Reality Check

– SIP Security “Best Practices” – overview

– SIP Firewalls and Security – SPIT-SPam over Internet Telephony, DOS-Denial Of Service, VOMIT-Voice Over Misconfigured Internet Telephony and other emerging problems

– SIP Security and “Access Policy” – Stateful IP Filtering and Inspection, Static and Stateless IP Filters, TLS-Transport Layer Security, NAT-Network Address Translation, Persistent connection, Multi-homed hosts, etc.

– SIP and MIM-Man-In-the-Middle attacks – Understanding wireline and WiFi wireless attacks

– Telephone Numbers – North American Numbering Plan and International ENUM-E.164

– SIP Security Architectures – Building Blocks

– SIP Security Architectures – eight different VoIP configurations evaluating SIP-Aware Firewalls and other security options:

– Type 1 – Dedicated IP Pipe for VoIP

– Type 2 – Merged MPLS-Pipe with LER Tagging VoIP

– Type 3 – Merged IP pipe with SIP-Aware Firewall (SAFW)

– Type 4 – Separate IP Pipe for VoIP with Existing Non-SIP Firewall and SIP-Aware Firewall (SOFW)

– Type 5 – Merged IP Pipe with Incumbent Non-SIP-aware Firewall, No DMZ Port and SIP-aware Firewall (SAFW)

– Type 6 – Looks like Type 5 but Merged IP Pipe with Incumbent Non-SIP-aware Firewall, No DMZ Port and SIP-aware Firewall

– Type 7 – Merged IP Pipe with Incumbent Non-SIP-aware Firewall with a DMZ Port

– Type 8 – Merged IP Pipe with Incumbent Non-SIP-aware Firewall

– Other approaches to SIP Security – Proxy/Gateway Inside the Firewall, Proxy/Gateway in Co-Edge Mode and Proxy/Gateway Outside the Firewall, how Firewalls add time delays to TCP/IP

50-Point Comprehensive SIP Security Checklist – more than 50 different security concepts to review and include in the implementation and ongoing network management program

– SIP Security-Privacy Lifecycle Management – key planning for capturing, storage, users, and disposition (archiving/destruction)

NEW for 2014 – Designing and Planning Scalable SIP Networks

The five areas of discussion presented (with modifications I added) are:

Here are the highlights in text format:

1 – Benefits of Server Virtualization aka Abstraction

– Distributed user endpoints and application servers

– Scalable growth with QoS control abstraction

– MACS* via signaling “abstraction”

*Moves, Adds, Changes & SAS-Stand Alone Survivability – SAS enables backup for SIP devices by the multiple “abstract” local or cloud Media Gateway(s)

2 – Benefits of SIP Trunking

– Session and Signaling control layers for:

– On-net (IP PBX to IP PBX)

– Off-net (IP PBX to local PSTN)

– Off-net (IP PBX to LD/IDDD PSTN)

– SPOC/SMOC-Single/Multiple Point of Connection

– National control points for access (vendors) – Migration path to ALL-SIP & IMS-3GPP

3 – Benefits of Number Transparency

– End-to-end media control (transparency) for voice or other media types

– Access to SS7 applications for text messaging, mobility or call center routing

– Enterprise control over call completion whether PSTN or SIP rather than provider

– Migration path to E.164 & IMS-3GPP

4 – Benefits of SIP Routing

– Eliminates “mesh” network mess

– Add intelligent Session Layer 5 routing – Maintains end-to-end media transparency

– Add media CoS-Classes of Service – Adds SPOC NOC-Network Operations Center

– Migration path to ALL-SIP & IMS-3GPP

5 – Benefits of SIP Proxy Peering Networks

– Platform for multi-vendor services

– Ensures multiple CoS & QoS options

– Migration path to ALL-SIP & IMS-3GPP

– Foundation for any future network needs

– SIP Class of Service & Quality of Service

– SIP COS-Class Of Service and QoS-Quality of Service – Ethernet meets “smart” IP

– Managing “real-time” voice with RTCP-Real-Time Control Protocol – MRB-Metrics Report Blocks

– Inside MRB – what’s what with all the info

– SIP Applications and Future Outlook

NEW – WebRTC Enhanced Networks

– Introduction to WebRTC

– Integrating WebRTC into Other Networks

–  Benefiting Enterprise Users

–  Building the Infrastructure

Here are six solutions scenarios:

#1 –  Enterprise Architecture

#2 – Enterprise Architecture

#3 – Multiple Backend Systems

#4 – Cloud Provider

#5  – Lync Integration

#6  – PSTN Off Net

– Making a Business Case

– Enhanced Calling Enterprise Contact Centers

– Emerging Communications Enhanced Business Process Applications

– SIP Applications

– IM-Instant Messaging call screening

– SIP Presence Communicated by IM-Instant Messaging

– Click-to-call and others

– SIP for Call Centers – calling options and pricing benefits

– Event Notification

– On demand Conferencing

– Integration of additional “third-party” developed SIP-enhanced services provides additional business and enterprise justification for SIP trunking.

– UDDI-Universal Description, Discovery and Integration uses standards-based services such as XML, HTTP, SOAP, TCP/IP (define above) uniform service description and service discovery protocol. Discovery services provide a consistent publishing interface and allow programmatic discovery (registration) of services. Description services provide the means for internet registration – to be found but not advertisement or placement on search engine listings. UDDI file structures are designed using a “publish-once-read-by-many” concept. That is, web site URL-Uniform Resource Locator can be designed using UDDI standard file structures which can be published to the UDDI server network. The UDDI network can be accessed (discovered) by search engines, customers and other list builders in a standard published (register) format. UDDI Registries and protocol servers with:

– White Pages – Names, Address, Contact and Vcard information

– Yellow Pages – Industry categorizations and taxonomies

– Green Pages – Technical information including internal URL file discovery structures

– UDDI is also designed to replace the robot.txt search engine web site document structure concept. Here are some of the web site description-discovery-registry information retrieved by search engine spiders/bots and other retrieval programs.

– Voice-driven yellow pages – SALT-Speech Applications Language Tags adds voice commands to web applications. SALT is an extended set of markup (meta) tags based on XML-eXtensible Markup Language though compatible with HTML-Hyper-Text Markup Language and others.

– SIP – exciting new applications

– SIP Total Tutorial with Future Outlook – IMS-IP Multi-media Systems – content servers, wireless integration, media gateways, etc.

– Top-10 Steps to a Successful SIP Implementation

1 – User Needs Assessment

2 – Network Assessment

3 – Systems Upgrade

– Indepth POE-Power Over Ethernet & Comprehensive Disaster Planning Tutorial

4 – Pre–Installation Planning

5 – Data Systems Integration – VLANs, VoWLANS, Planning for WiFi, WiFi and IP Wireless “Roaming,” WiFi Security and more

6 – Installation and Cutover

7 – Managing Change – Training

8 – Ongoing Use and Expectations

9 – Billing

10 – Managed Services – TCO-total cost of ownership, monitoring, remote support, training, business development and others & Future Applications

– Diagnosing & Tools for Troubleshooting SIP Networks

1 – Problems:

– Delay – Jitter – Equipment Configurations – Clipping & Dipping – VAD-Voice Activity Detectors – – Connection Issues – Echo – Signal-Noise Level and & Loss – Comfort Noise – Packet Loss Concealment

– Zero Insertion

– Waveform substitution

– Model-based methods

– Crosstalk – Nearend and Farend – Serialization – Packet Payload Delays – Packet Sizing Problems – Take the “Vo-eye-P Test” – Transcoding Problems – Asynchronous Transcoding Problems – Electrical Interference – Surges, Sags, Shared Neutrals

2 – Testing for Problems

– RTCP-XR-MRB-eXtended Reports – Metrics Report Block

3 – More than 30 Problems & Solutions – like “CarTalk” bring your problems to “Nettalk”

4 – Best Practices – review of concepts such as Resiliency & Reliability – QoS in VoIP-SIP

5 – Vendors of Technical Solutions for VoIP Network Management

6 – Conclusions and the Bottom Line

NOTE: Course contents are constantly being update, please inquire about special requirements.

For assistance, questions, scheduling and pricing, call 303-594-1694 or cross@gocross.com



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