Course Evaluations

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Independent Course Program Evaluations

“Certification is demonstrating to existing and prospective customer’s your commitment to excellence. The Certified SIP Professional Program sets a new standard for business technology education excellence.” Doug Green Publisher UserNews

“CSP provides the certification–the key to success today to increase sales and improve support. Certification is essential.” Bob Speers – CEO Speers Telecom


What Providers, Agents and Users are saying about these courses:

According to Matt Jolly IT Consultant, “CSP course training to a new higher level. For example, there is nothing like the tutorials SIP available anywhere or from anyone. For the channel partner or customer, this course provides critical insights for successful implementation and management. The new user interface speeds learning allowing viewers to grasp complex concepts faster than ever before. With this course, SIP/VoIP providers can rapidly accelerate the learning process for their channel partners which in turn accelerate revenues. Now is the time for users and providers alike to make this course an integral part of their business operations. CSP certification gets everyone on the same page faster, resulting in more qualified sales, faster deployments and better staff/channel collaboration.”

Matt Jolly – Senior Engineer Vology

“I am writing regarding Tom Cross and the onsite training and VoIP/SIP course. By far this is the best program in place, as Tom is one of the most recognized trainers in the United States for VoIP/SIP. It might be worth to add this course to your sign-up package for agents around the country not only as a profit center but something that you could co-brand and have a “leg-up” on your competition.”

Bill Bowyer – CEO – VoIP in America

“The SIP certification are more than a superb primer on VoIP/SIP technology; they are an indepth business plan for a VoIP/SIP implementation. In addition, the VoIP/SIP diagnostic and troubleshooting guide is the most thorough approach to SIP QoS available. I need information that informs but does not overwhelm. Information that guides but not drives you away. The courses provide insights and actionable information that has helped me get the technology we need sooner but saved me a considerable amount in understanding what we didn’t need. The SIP certification course especially is a valuable one which provides much needed information in a readily understandable format.”

Paul Daubitz – President – ATI-TeleManagement

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