Custom Courses

Techtionary faculty has for more than 20 years designed, developed and delivered corporate and graduate university level courses. Many of these courses were private and proprietary, however, we can provide professional courses designed for sales, engineering, technical, support, marketing as well as internal and customer-facing courses.

Techtionary has provided strategic consulting to corporations on their content, learning, learning and strategy. Here is a presentation РCorporate Knowledge Learning Solutions Stategy View Presentation. This is a presentation on designing, development and delivering corporate content and thought leadership. Click on image for indepth corporate presentation.


These courses can be in PowerPoint, Flash, Captivate and other formats as well as onsite, online (elearning), video, webinar and multi-format media. Many of these courses are available with certificate and testing.

mobileIn addition, proprietary product training is available. Let us help you design, develop and deliver product, sales, support, channel and other learning solutions. In addition, we have designed and delivered mobile learning solutions.

We also provide TTT-train-the-trainer sessions for all CertCorp courses. That is, we can help design, develop, deliver and then transition to your own internal training team.

Here is just a partial list of courses previously delivered.

– Voice Telecommunications

– Advanced Telecommunications

– Data Communications

– Advanced Data Communications

– Next Generation Internet


– Internet Communications

– Internet Telephony

– SIP Business Executive Channel Provider & Partner Business Sales & Technical Strategies for SIP-Session Initiation Protocol

– Sales Training for Technology Sales – 101 and Management


– Social Media for Sales Professionals

– Social Media Boot Camp

– Function Point Analysis

– SharePoint for Users

– SharePoint for Developers

– Rational Requisite Web and Pro

– NDP-Network Design Professional Certificate

– IT Non-Functional Requirements

– Comprehensive RUP and Portfolio Management

– IT Waterfall and Iterative Software Development

– IT-Telecom Business Processes

– Change Management Processes

– Essentials of IT System Deliver Processes

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