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SIP Professional Certification Online Training – Affordable, Available 7×24, Tax Deductible and Actionable with more than 50 SIP diagnostic solutions and tips you will need to do your job or help a client to their job.

The complete CSP course online access is – $295 including CSP testing for one month from date of purchase.  CSP course access for three more months is $295 (total of four months) $395 for six months.  Group discounts are available, call or email with number of students.

Testing Only – CSP testing only $195 and $295 for Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional Test (SCSTP) is designed to test advanced technical skills in SIP. 

Additional private live training sessions are $195 per hour up to four (4) hours if ordered at the same time. Five or more hours are $150 per hour or separately.

Please Review Sample Course Slidesclick here (Flash player required) for a sample of the more than 350+ slides presented either onsite or available online.

You cannot train your staff faster, easier or at a most cost effective rate than this. Remember you can’t sell, install or support what you don’t know. There are more than 50 SIP Tips that will pay for the course in just one day of user problems such as CODEC mismatches, crosstalk, hum, hiss, one-way audio, device configuration, clipping/dipping, white/pink/brown noise and so many others. Are you really prepared for SIP, this course will ensure you are SIP smart.

To ORDER Call 303-594-1694 or email cross@gocross.com.

A few user comments:

“SIP is where VoIP is going, I want to be part of it.” P.D.

“Showed my boss I wasn’t an idiot.” J.A.

“We are going through layoffs, think the course helped me keep my job.” R.M.

“We are moving to SIP and no one else in IT has a clue about SIP, so this really helped.” E.J.

“Tech moves really fast, SIP gives me a base to know what is coming.” J.S.

For assistance, questions, scheduling and pricing, call 303-594-1694 or cross@gocross.com

IRSTopic 457 – Tuition and Fees Deduction – You may be able to deduct qualified tuition and related expenses that you pay for yourself, your spouse, or a dependent, as a tuition and fees deduction. Or, 1) an American Opportunity credit or Lifetime Learning credit; or (2) if applicable, a business expense, which is generally an itemized deduction. Click on image for IRS ruling.

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