Social Media for Social Selling Business Success Course

Social Media for Business Success Course

2-5 Day Onsite, Webinar & Online Course

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Discover the many ways social media can promote your business and increase sales.

Even for seasoned marketing professionals, this is new territory yet critical for every business to survive and succeed. Online and mobile social networks that did not exist five years ago are now the new frontier in marketing and social selling. They present a great opportunity for exposure and revenue for your company. In this course, you will learn that aside from a social outlet, when these networks are integrated with traditional marketing, they can augment your entire marketing effort, creating publicity, opportunity, and sales potential you never thought could exist. After this social media training workshop, you will have your plan ready to go.

Top Reasons to Take This Course

• Create an effective B2B strategy for lead generation and using social CRM

• Discover B2B, B2C and P2P strategies and tactics for creating a social media policy

• Learn techniques to increase productivity and reduce time spent in front of these tools and social networks

• Create content with video, blogs, and more to appeal to your customer demographic

• Discover all the tools and techniques required for creating and implementing social media marketing campaigns

• Implement social media marketing campaigns using a URL shortening service and integrate them into your social analytics and CRM

• Integrate your social media campaigns into existing marketing campaigns

• Examine social media ROI: how to measure, track, and monitor your efforts

• Free tools, templates, and case studies that you won’t find anywhere else

What You’ll Learn

• How social media marketing will work for you

• How each of these media operates

• Social media potential and psychology and where are you are losing revenue potential

• Maximize results from the top social networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn

• When to use video, cross-pollination techniques, and other specific strategies

• Marketing tools to harvest qualified leads and cultivate more sales for your business

• Integrating mobile, BYOD, glasses, and implant technology into your mobile strategy

Who Needs to Attend

• Small business owners and web site/community managers

• Corporate marketers

• Public relations directors and managers

• Marketing directors and managers

• Internet, events, and product marketing managers

• VP of Marketing/CMO

• Social media coordinators and managers


Course Outline – Shown below is the two-day “short course” outline, inquire about other configurations.

1. Understanding Social Media and Influence

• Definition of social media

• Staggering statistics that will blow you away

• Determining your social influence

• Comparing social media with other forms of marketing

• Social media and the marketing funnel

• Creating goals in your social media marketing campaigns


2. The Social Media Ecosystem

• Is social media right for your business and industry?

• Types of social media campaigns

• Why the leading platforms in social media are working and how they leverage true consumer engagement


3. Social Media Strategies

• How to create specific social media goals that work

• The real cost of social media campaigns

• A return on conversation, investment, and time

• Ways to find your audience and what they are doing

• Spy on your competition through social media

• Getting ranked: how to use your social presence


4. The Conversation: Where to Start?

• Understand that it’s a conversation and not a one-way push

• Become a part of the conversations that drive revenue

• Dos and don’ts of an online conversation

• Five crucial steps to getting someone’s attention online


5. B2C in Social Media: What Does it Look Like?

• Social media B2C statistics that you have never heard of

• How Facebook is leading the way in B2C and how you can use it

• Top examples of B2C marketing in social media

• Marketing tactics that work in social media in a B2C environment

• Ideas on creative campaigns for use for consumer-based marketing

• Which social networks are more akin to having better results for your B2C brand?

• Psychology behind why users use social media as a new means to buying products


6. B2B in Social Media: How is it Different?

• Social media B2B statistics that you have never heard of

• Common mistakes in social media that B2B companies make

• How to create an effective outreach strategy in B2B

• Why the sales cycle is longer in B2B and how to manage it

• B2B social media strategies to increase leads and generate new sales

• Why Facebook may not be the right B2B solution for your company

• Effectively listen in on Twitter and engage appropriately from a B2B standpoint

• Understand that people want to talk to people, not necessarily brands, and how to use that in a B2B environment


7. Understanding the Types of Social Media

• What are social news sites and how do they work?

• What is the definition of social networking, and how does it relate to social media?

• What is social bookmarking, and is it right for you?

• What is social sharing?

• Create social events that make you stand out

• Why blogs are so important and what you need to know to make them successful

• Is microblogging for you?

• Do wikis and forums still work?


8. Facebook

• The Basics of a Facebook Marketing Plan

• Where Facebook is used best in business

• The best B2B and B2C Facebook case studies

• Profile strategies

• Personal vs. fan pages

• Creating and managing groups on Facebook and when you should use them

• What privacy settings can affect you as well as your brand?

• How companies are using Facebook to interact with their customers

• Make your Facebook page viral

• Why events are important in your Facebook marketing strategy

• Create traffic and awareness from events even when you do not go to them

• The latest changes in Facebook and how they affect your business


9. Facebook Advertising

• Introduction to Facebook social ads

• Segment your demographic with Facebook advertising

• Facebook biding strategies

• Facebook ads and e-commerce techniques

• How to split test your ads on Facebook

• Use the right imagery in your Facebook ad campaign

• How ad copy is different in Facebook PPC than SEM

• Create winning ads that fit Facebook’s terms of service


10. Advanced Facebook Marketing Techniques

• Use the new Facebook photo viewer as a powerful marketing tool

• Video strategies inside of your Facebook page

• Create a solid following on your Facebook fan page

• Facebook business strategies that work

• Get top secret ideas on creating contests to increase fan base

• Use Facebook places to connect with new and returning customers

• Create a strong community around your brand using Facebook

• Policies behind coupons in Facebook


11. Twitter: The Microblogging Site Where Everyone Should Be

• Twitter basics and terminology

• The Twitter lingo

• Case studies using Twitter

• Twitter and crisis management

• Why you should at least be listening on Twitter


12. Twitter Marketing

• Five Twitter marketing strategies to produce immediate leads

• B2C strategies that work

• B2B strategies for long-term Twitter success

• How to use Twitter in your arsenal of marketing tools

• Create an organic following and increase followers

• Why it matters what you had for lunch

• Use Twitter to watch what your competitors are doing

• Find the right people to engage with and where they are

• How to use Twitter search for specific content and lead generation

• Online reputation management through Twitter

• How and why users retweet and how to get people to retweet and share your content


13. Twitter Analytics and Measuring ROI

• Create specific social search campaigns around desired keywords and how keywords differ in search campaigns from social campaigns

• Monitoring vs. measuring and how Twitter fits in your overall goals strategy

• How to measure Twitter influence and why it’s important in your outreach strategy

• Understanding your ranking with on Twitter


14. Twitter Tools

• Which tools best align to your overall goals

• Set up searches inside of these tools to monitor your brand and competition

• Which Twitter tools is a waste of time and which ones to avoid

• Twitter plug-ins to work with your blog and how to promote them


15. LinkedIn

• Basics and terminology

• Why LinkedIn is the best B2B lead generation tool in social media

• Setting up and optimizing your profile

• How your personal brand crosses into your outline brand identity using LinkedIn

• Use LinkedIn as an HR machine

• Security preferences in LinkedIn

• Find connections relevant to you and your industry

• Get introductions to people you want to meet on LinkedIn

• Create LinkedIn events and publish them

• Which LinkedIn applications are good to use and which are not


16. LinkedIn Advertising

• Step-by-step screenshots on how to set up your LinkedIn advertising campaigns

• Dos and don’ts in LinkedIn advertising


17. Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

• How to effectively use questions and answers to gain leads

• Free vs. paid plans on LinkedIn and when you need to have them

• Optimize your LinkedIn profiles with keywords to come up in searches not only in LinkedIn, but also in Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs)

• How to embed video in your Linkedin profile


18. YouTube

• Staggering statistics and numbers you never knew about YouTube

• Case studies of the famous viral videos on YouTube and why they worked

• How YouTube and other video platforms work and the differences between them

• Secrets on how to create a video content, strategy, and implementation plan


19. Advanced YouTube Strategies

• Embedding videos within your sites

• Use YouTube insights for video analytics

• Create content inside of YouTube for higher viral success

• Tools that work best when optimizing your YouTube video

• How YouTube search is different from regular search terms

• Keyword research tools and strategies

• Why content is not king in YouTube

• Utilize all social networks to increase overall YouTube views

• The secret of commenting in YouTube

• Metrics and tracking of YouTube videos

• Create a YouTube following

• Techniques of the most successful viral videos on YouTube


20. Geolocation: The Basics

• The platforms

• Choosing the right platform for your business

• Geolocation goals and how they differ from other types of marketing goals

• How to establish your presence


21. Mobile – Tablet – BYOD

• The platforms – Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

• The devices – Tablet, Cell, Mini, Glasses, Implants

• The apps – Passbook, ewallet and 1M others

• App madness and chaos


22. Advanced Geolocation Strategies

• How to customize the platforms to your business

• Create compelling promotions and discover the secrets behind them in location-based services

• Engage with your customers coupled with other social networks

• Typical mistakes in location-based marketing and how to avoid the common pitfalls

• How your consumers are captured targets and how to reel them in

• Strategies to increase impulse buying when consumers find you in these location-based networks

• Four types of location-based marketing strategies that work


23. Case Studies

• Current examples of brands using location-based marketing, how they are successful, and how some have failed

• How QR codes and location-based services work together


24. Social Media Plans and Policies

• How ethics apply to you and your business

• Everything on the Internet is not legal

• Why your customer service department should be up-to-speed with your social media policy

• How to create your social media policy

• Examples of big brand social media policies and why they work


girls-on-tablet25. How to Manage Social Media in Your Department

• Who internally owns your social media strategy and execution?

• Effectively measuring your social media results and the tools that do that for you

• Where to look for the right people when building a social media team

• How to get buy-in from executives on your social media plan

• How to choose a social media consultant

• Why not to let your agency tweet for you

• Identify an online social media reputation crisis and ways to deal with it


26. Social Media Conversion Optimization

• What is conversation optimization?

• What is social conversation?

• How to build a social media conversion funnel

• Top ten metrics of social media conversion and what other companies are using

• Conversion vs. conversation in social media

• What social media landing pages are and how they can work for your business

• Tools to use to measure social conversion

• Measure social media conversations

• Landing page optimization in social media


There are 600+ PowerPoint slides provided in an ebook PDF including:

Pictapedia largest Social Media Glossary

 For assistance, questions, scheduling and pricing, call 303-594-1694 or

Scheduling & Classroom requirements

To confirm delivery dates, fees including estimated travel and expenses are required in advance. Purchase Orders (P.O.) are accepted but do not confirm dates. Final expenses are due within 15 business days after completion of class. Please note that payments received for delivery dates are subject to final approval. If per student fees are assessed, final student attendance is set 30 days prior to the first day of class with additional student payment due, if applicable on the first day class. If onsite, client will provide room, computers for lab access, high-quality video projector, desks, power strips beverages, food service and other amenities. Classes are conducted each day (subject to mutually agreeable changes) from 0900-1600 with one hour for lunch. Access to training room will be available from 0800-1700 each day. If online, client provides web conferencing at no charge to Certification Corporation and testing of service will be conducted ten (10) business days before the day of the first class. Virtual classes are conducted six (6) hours per day, starting no earlier than 06:00 Mountain Time.

Course content and terms are subject to change without notice. All course content delivery may not be completed during the course delivery due to time restraints such as student questions and special explanations of concepts presented.

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